Seminary c/o

University of Torino (Italy)- Graduate School of Neurosciences

Friday, April 23rd, 2010         2.30 PM -6.30 PM

Via Accademia Albertina, 13   - Torino (TO)

 "Brain, Mind, Music: introduction to a functional model of neurotherapy"

Dr.Alexander J.Graur, Ph.D.,MT-BC


2.30-3.45 "Music and Brain"

Music: definitions

Dimensionality in Music

-       The perception of music in space

-       The perception of music in time

-       Physiological mechanics of perception, analysis and reaction of/to the audio and audio-visual information

Coffee break 

4.00-5.00 “Music and Mind” -  Writing, reading, playing/singing and listening the music

-       Notation - Key - Meter-  Scale- agogic; dynamics- Score

-       The Composer

-       The Player/singer; the Soloist

-       The Conductor

-       The Listener

-       The Fifth Dimension of the Music

-       Music and Memory ; modeling; entanglement/disentanglement

-       Musical Memes and their role in composing for healing

 Coffee break

5.00-6.15 “Music Integrative NeuroTherapy™: : a quantum model for neurotherapy

Music as an abstract language

Musical language and the complex brain-mind-brain-organism

The biological non-linear transmission of the information: the role of cytosckeleton,microtubuls,intermediary filaments

and microfilaments  in the signal's  feedforward and feedback processes

Quantum mechanics and physiological processes

A model for neurotherapy. presentation and illustration


18,30-19,00  Individual demonstration of Music Integrative Neurotherapy™


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